Nova Scotia Student Ambassadors Program

The NSISP believes the key to student success is full integration into local schools, families, and communities. To this end, the NSISP annually trains more than 100 Nova Scotian students to become student ambassadors.

The primary role of the ambassadors is to help international students become familiar with their school and community after they arrive and create deeper relationships with the students around them.

The ambassadors also work with the international student staff liaisons to make their school a more internationalized and welcoming environment.

The NSISP believes the interaction between student ambassadors and international students helps both groups develop cross-cultural skills and become better global citizens.

Some key activities the Student Ambassadors participate in are as follows:

  • Provide school tours and welcome new international students and international visitors
  • Work with the school staff liaisons and homestay coordinators to organize regular activities for international students in the school and community
  • Work with school administration to acknowledge and celebrate the international students in their schools
  • Encourage international students to use and complete their NSISP Passports
  • Help their schools work towards or maintain ‘NSISP Welcoming School’ status