Nova Scotia Education Immersion Program (NSEIP)

This program combines a teacher-training course at a school accredited by Quality English with a total education immersion experience in a Canadian public school environment.

The Nova Scotia Education Immersion Program (NSEIP) has been designed for current international teachers who want to enhance their teaching skills in an English-speaking environment. It is also for ESL students who are interested in teaching English in their home countries or ESL students who want to challenge themselves in English and learn from certified Nova Scotia educators.

This unique program has two elements:

ACE Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)

Participants will study for four weeks in the intensive TEYL program at ECSL to learn how to teach English to children aged 3 to 6, 7 to 12, and 13+. The ACE TEYL program gives participants the tools, experience, and competitive edge necessary for success in the expanding market of teaching English to children.

TEYL participants will have 100 hours of classroom instruction over four weeks. They will explore how children learn a second language using a practical, task-based, and participatory approach to teaching. They will be taught by professional, experienced, and energetic trainers who are certified by TESL Canada.

TEYL participants will accomplish the following:

  • Learn to create activities, lesson plans, materials, and props to use with young learners
  • Gain practical teaching skills such as pair work, small group work, and in-class discussions
  • Improve communication and presentation skills
  • Practice teaching in a safe environment

Nova Scotia Education Immersion Program (NSEIP)

NSEIP provides participants the opportunity to be mentored by a Nova Scotia teacher while learning new teaching methodologies in the subject area of most interest.

Students can enrol for four, eight or twelve weeks in the NSEIP, and are placed in one of Nova Scotia's public schools.

Students will end the NSEIP experience with an appreciation for current Canadian classroom resources, methodology and curriculum.

The Nova Scotia Education Immersion Program can be taken on its own, or in combination with the TEYL program.