Short-Term Program

**Please note, the NSISP will not be hosting short term groups or teacher program participants until January 2022 due to COVID-19 restrictions**

The Short-Term Program offered by the Nova Scotia International Student Program is a 4–8 week group placement of total English immersion in Nova Scotia schools (generally elementary or junior high schools).

Students participating in this program are placed with a local host family.They also participate in activities during the week and on weekends.

Groups start at 10 students and are accompanied by a chaperone.

The Short-Term Program is available in fall, winter, and spring and activities undertaken allow full enjoyment of any season in Nova Scotia.

From visiting a wildlife park in the fall, skiing and skating in the winter, to sampling fresh maple syrup at a sugar shack in the spring; the Short-Term Program provides a great way to get a taste of Nova Scotia hospitality and culture.